Ad Blockers Not Needed Here

I finally got so fed up with all the online advertising I run into all over the Internet, I installed ad blockers on all of my browsers and my cell phone.  I had not realized how much of the Internet had turned into advertising until I didn’t have to look at it anymore.  Pages load so much faster, and I don’t have to puzzle over where the ads end and the real content begins.  It’s like rolling back the clock on the Intenet several years.  It also caused me to come to a realization.  I hate advertisements.  This is a shocking realization, I know.

I am a firm believer in, “Do unto others.”  In that light, I vow to never use invasive advertising of any kind.  I will never employ pop-ups or any other method that would detract from the user’s experience.  I particularly despise those ads that scroll up across my cell phone screen, completely blocking the content until I scroll it up, past the content.  I will never use those, or anything like them.

So, you need not use ad blockers here.  That being said, I do recommend using ad blockers in all of your browsers.  The rest of the Internet is in process of transforming entirely to advertisements.  There may come a day when these ad blockers will block the entire Internet because there will be no more non-advertisement content left.  I fear that day.

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