Second floor

Second Floor

The second floor contains the bedrooms, library, open office area, back deck and round elevator in the middle.  The odd shapes to either side of the elevator are open to the ground floor below, giving a view of the dining and formal sitting areas.

Ground floor

Ground Floor

The ground floor contains the kitchen, pantry, laundry room, formal dining and sitting areas as well as the living room, two 1/2 baths, and the lower level of the back deck.  The curved stair case shown above the kitchen has two sets of stairs, one going up to the second floor, and one going down to the basement.



The basement is all about entertainment, and a storage room.  There are four 1/2 baths to handle the large crowds that the arcade room, a 74 seat theater, and a 68 seat LAN Party room would generate.  There are refreshment areas with a soda fountain and refrigerator in LAN Party room, and in the hall between the arcade and theater.  The doors at either end of the wide hallway bisecting the basement give access to the garage.

Basement and Garage

Garage and Basement

This is the 28 space underground garage surrounding the basement.  It includes two single wide garage doors, one for entering and the other for exiting.  Above the entry/exit there is a storm shelter that is placed outside the perimeter of the house with two exit points.  This is designed to keep the occupants safe should a sufficiently strong storm cause the house to collapse into the basement.  Several bunk beds and storage for supplies will keep the occupants comfortable during the storm and supplied to survive afterward.

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