More Work Completed

After a lot of effort, I cleaned up the forum to try again. There were over 2,000 users and over 8,000 posts, all spam. Rather than try to remove each of those users and all their posts by hand, I deleted the forum and its database, and started from scratch. I then configured Google’s reCaptcha v3 as a counter measure against future spammers, and we’ll see if it works.

Next up, more work on part two of the book. If you have read part one, and really want part two to get done, go sign up for an account in the forum and proceed to pester me into working on it more. I need the motivation. This is the one and only case where I invite people to harass me into doing something. Do your worst. 😉

But, do keep it clean. I mean, I want this to be a family friendly environment. 🙂


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