Life Kicking my Butt

Some time ago I said I was working on Part Two.  That is still true.  Well, life happened.  The truck broke, a couple of times.  The second time cost north of $1,000 to fix.  Thankfully I believe I have it all sorted out, but it seriously delayed my plan to vinyl wrap a trailer to promote this site.  The trailer is still sitting in the yard unwrapped.

Also, work happened.  I haven’t worked overtime in years.  My schedule has been Monday through Friday for going on twenty years.  Then we got crazy busy leading up to the holidays and I have been asked to work every Saturday for the last few weeks.  It looks like that will continue the remainder of December and possibly into the new year.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mind the extra time at the shop, and especially don’t mind the extra money.  But that means I have little time to work on a project that as yet has made me zero revenue.

So, as it stands right now, this little project will continue as soon as I can invest the time into editing the remainder of the book to get it ready for release.  Until then, I offer my sincerest apologies and ask for your patience.  I will return and finish the book as soon as I am able.

More traffic to the site will motivate me to get to it faster, so tell all your friends to come read a free zombie book and post to the forum.  I love feedback.  Let me know what you think.

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