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Q: What is a zombie?

A: A zombie is the body of a person who was infected with the synthetic virus, compound R-83 developed at the Paul Sinclair Reeves Research Laboratories on the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oakridge, Tennessee, died, and then reanimated.  This body has no personality or memories from its previous life.  The brain is largely destroyed, leaving only the portions necessary to facilitate clumsy movement, vision, hearing, and hunger.  These reanimated bodies are extremely dangerous as they can infect a living person with the virus, which will kill and reanimate the new host creating a new zombie.  Care must be taken in the elimination of any zombie to insure one’s own safety.  Do not come into physical contact with any bodily fluids from the zombie.  Do not allow the zombie to bite you.  Destroy the brain of the zombie to effectively neutralize it.

Q: Why can you only kill a zombie by destroying its brain?

A: First, you cannot kill a zombie.  It is already dead.  You can put it down, neutralize it, destroy it, or however else you would like to describe it.  This is important to understand, as it illustrates why the brain is the key.  Think of your own body as a life support system for your brain.  Why do you die when your heart is shot, stabbed, or otherwise damaged to the point it stops beating?  Because your blood stops flowing.  Thus there is no nutrients or oxygen being carried to your brain.  Your brain stops functioning because your heart stopped first.  The brain of a zombie does not require nutrients or oxygen to function.  So destroying the zombie’s heart will not stop it.  Likewise, destroying its lungs is also ineffective.  Being dead, the internal organs of a zombie no longer function, so are not needed for the zombie to remain mobile, and remain a threat.  You can shoot thousands of rounds through the torso of a zombie, shredding every internal organ and completely severing the spine and splitting the zombie in half.  The zombie will then drag itself along the ground with its arms, still trying to capture and eat you.  However, destroy the brain stem, just above where the brain attaches to the spinal cord, and the zombie is no longer mobile.  It still contains the virus, so it is still a threat if not handled or disposed of properly.

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