New Episodes Every Sunday

I have committed to a schedule of posting a new section of the book every week, on Sunday.  I am not promising when on Sunday, just that it WILL be on Sunday.  That is my self imposed deadline to make sure I get this damn book done.  I’ve been working on it for far too long, and this is my motivation to make it happen.  I am very excited to finally put it out there for people to see.  By all means, provide feedback in the comments, in the forum, or wherever.

Obviously I need help spreading the word.  If you like the book, please share it with your friends, be they real or online.  I will greatly appreciate it.

And now, you can download the first two installments here.  I hope you enjoy:

  1. Oak Ridge Apocalypse 1 – Dusk of Man – Episode 01
  2. Oak Ridge Apocalypse 1 – Dusk of Man – Episode 02
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